Gambling Goes Mobile report released by H2 Gambling Capital

H2 Gambling Capital, the reputable research organization has released the report titled “Gambling Goes Mobile”.

After a long analysis, the well-known research organization, U2 Gambling Capital, specialized in the gambling market, has release the report titled “Gambling Goes Mobile”.

The report is very complex, covering every aspect of mobile gambling, including topics like network technologies, operating systems, software delivery, smart phones and mobile penetration and others. The report also presents conclusions and recommendations.

According to the report, the mobile gambling market value last year reached €2,2 billion and it is expected to rise to €5,4 billion by 2015. This involves an annual growth rate of 19.3%. At the end of 2010, mobile gambling represented 9.8% of the total interactive gambling market and 0.6% of the total global gambling market. The report predicts that the share of mobile gambling will rise to 12.9% in the interactive gambling market and to 0.9% in the total global gambling market, by the year 2013.

The Gambling Goes Mobile report analyzes the mobile gambling market by sectors too. H2 Gambling Capital reveals that racing bets contribute significantly to global mobile gambling market, having almost a 77% share. The Japanese Racing Association accounted for 57% of this share in 2010. According to the report, mobile casino gaming and mobile lottery will be in primary focus in the next give years and the reason presented in the report involve the development of player-friendly technology, which includes improved connectivity and latest innovations like tablets.

By the end of 2015, betting will still be the strongest sector but its share will drop down to 50%. The biggest beneficiary of all is mobile casino gambling with an increased share of 40%, while mobile lottery will hold the difference of 10%.

H2 Gambling Capital is a United Kingdom based company. Activating in one of the best regulated gambling jurisdiction, H2 Gambling Capital has developed proprietary software to monitor online gambling data. The company supplies this information  and also provides consultancy to the gambling industry. Their portfolio counts more than five hundred clients.