Legalizing the casinos on the web?

This is a very simple stanza that I will be advocating today: YES! Legalize, by all means. Why oh why is this such a grey area in the internet? It's the money stupid! There is a clear choice made by politicians to stay in the vague in this matter. Either tax it and use extra revenue for all. Or keep it undergrounds while caiman bank accounts (and other tax evasion destinations' bank accounts) will grow larger as they will soon be spent on re-election campaigns...

I withdraw that last statement your honour! Yes I do, I have been a bit over carried here. It is not so black and white to stay in the grey. A fast growing flow of money is passing the veins of society without carrying any nutrients for it. That casino money seems to vanish all the while fattening pockets of very few brand owners along with other actors of that industry. So I am exaggerating. First of all I am guessing that at least the online casino employees are seeing a bit of a return on these amounts, but still, so much money is there and the government is not taxing it! BUT it is not actively forbidding it either. Only recently have we seen websites (3only...) been taken down from the authorities. And yet millions of $ are weekly spent by Americans at online gambling.

I have sadly no info on this. But i am betting all that money must be helping the ones that have it to convince politicians to overlook such a pressing matter.

I told you my thinking was simple! Legalize it! Legalization of online gambling is good. At leaset some of my loss will finally help pave a road, or plant a tree, or help someone...(...hopefully) © 2011 _ Lucie