Online Gambling Rich List

The newly published Sunday Times annual Rich List includes a sub category for online gambling entrepreneurs.

The much awaited annual Sunday Times Rich List, which profiles the top 1,000 wealthiest people in Britain and Ireland, has been published.

The list includes an online gambling subcategory under the category of the digital and online industry.

Peter and Denise Coates, the father and daughter owners of Bet365, are first in this subcategory and 90th in the overall list. They have a combined wealth of £750 million, a £250 million jump since last year's list, testament to Bet365's remarkable success.

Second are PartyGaming founders Russ DeLeon and Ruth Parasol, with an estimated £733million. PartyGaming assoiate Vikrant Bhargava is fourth, with £230 million.

Betfred owners Peter and Fred Done are third with £660 million, while Victor Chandler takes fifth with £160 million.

Betfair founders Andrew Black and Ed Wray take sixth and seventh with £125 million and £132 million respectively. Eighth placed Richard Koch, also from Betfair, has approximately £92 million.

The list concludes with Tombola's Phil Cronin, who has an estimated £82 million.