Reno Casino- Players’ Favorite Spot

Reno Casino records huge wins this time. Susie, a player from San Francisco won a total of $22,500 by participating in the slot game called Triple Lucky Magic. Another player from Yreka called Caren S, won even more. She accumulated a total of $21,462 through the first jackpot. This was followed by another jackpot worth $20,284 within a few weeks.  Susie said that she wants to spend the winning amount for buying a plot.  The rest will be used for paying her bills.

Silver Legacy is a favorite of many players as huge wins have been made here.  Gamers travel thousands of miles to play at Silver Legacy.  A player from San Francisco named Eduardo C recently made a win of $25,000 on hitting the jackpot. This was done on a $5 Double Gold machine.