Watch and Bet on Your Mobile with is now offering a new multi-platform mobile video streaming facility.

Innovative online casino has developed a new multi-platform mobile video streaming facility.

Using Android of iOS smartphones, users will be able to watch and place bets on live sporting events. Next year, will offer thousands of sporting events, including soccer, basketball, snooker, cricket, horse-racing, tennis and darts.'s Chief Technology Officer, Martin Davies, said the new development is as exciting as the dawn of internet gaming was a decade ago. He said, “We are now seriously considering mobile computing. We are the first company to offer video streaming service across multiple mobile platforms; the whole credit goes to our software development teams."

He was also optimistic about the challenges in the mobile gaming sector. “Mobile phones are comparatively less challenging then computers, because in mobile phones everything is optimized for one size of screen,” he said.

The generous bonuses, amazing promotions and wide range of games and services mean Bet365 Casino is always attracting new players. The new mobile facility is bound to make even more popular.