Play online blackjack on your mobile phone

Why in the name of god should we like playing online casinos on our little mobile phone screens ? Well, there are only very few occasions when playing blackjack online on your mobile phone is pertinent.

First of all, you would have noticed that I am not a fan of mobile casino. Blackjack is my favorite game and I already feel quite restricted whilst playing on my 32 inch LCD TV on an HD connection at my virtual casino software (mainly Vegas Red and Prime Casino... ). The whole idea of an online casino is to hope to recreate at least a little of the atmosphere than a real land based casino can offer (cocktails ?...). And sadly it is not really working. I remember Casino King that was putting somekind of medieval music in their lobby... No one can pretend to enjoy not touching the cards etc...

So why in the name of Christ and all that is holy, would I want to play on an even smaller screen and with even less gaming option, not to mention the probable disconnections, password blockage, and money loss due to technical mishaps? I ask you!! Well actually, it is great for your "looong" bathroom breaks, whether at work or at home... I am talking for those that did not understand: it is great when you are going for "number 2"! And seriously it is a great way to spend your time apart from actually reading a book, but if you are anything like me than "the hell with the book!"

To sum up, I strongly advise you guys to never ever ever play mobile casino blackjack games, unless you have an urgent duty. ;) © 2011 _ Calvin