Las Vegas Casinos to Profit from the World Series of Poker

The month of May is usually the time when the casino gaming industry in Las Vegas, Nevada begins to thrive. The WSOP (World Series of Poker is usually responsible for luring visitors to Las Vegas casino facilities in considerable numbers every year and the 2011 edition of the WSOP is no different. While the World Series of Poker event will be pushing visitor traffic this month, it will not be the sole reason why gamers will be visiting the Strip. The US federal government has just much influence to this year's improvement in May in visitor numbers as the World Series of Poker, due to the indictments imposed on well-known online poker sites last month. When the United States Department of Justice released an indictment against Absolute Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and several of the groups' officials, they did more than just horrified the online poker circuit. The Department of Justice also gave a push to the land-based casino gaming market. Poker enthusiasts who had just to sit in front of their computers in the past to qualify for the WSOP were suddenly forced to look for other ways to qualify to the tournament. Some players decided to play in their local casino facilities but some decided to head directly to Las Vegas in order to qualify through the casinos in the area. Poker enthusiast Neil Streeter said that it had become a challenge on how to qualify to the WSOP since he has previously qualified to the tournament through the online poker sites that he usually played on. He has decided to go directly to Las Vegas to play in the qualifiers offered by land-based casinos since he does not know what site to trust. The World Series of Poker will begin in the middle of July and as long as the best poker players in the circuit are in Las Vegas, casinos can continue to profit in that period. Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins said on May 13th, 2011 that professional poker pros are expected to converge in Las Vegas in the few weeks and casinos are waiting for them with open arms.


04 2011