Potential in India and Other Asian Markets for Online Poker

Many online poker sites continue to be cautious about entering the United States gambling market, despite the news that some states may soon be permitted to legalize internet poker.  However, even though many operators may be discouraged to enter the U.S. market, this hasn’t stopped them from considering other potential markets, such as those in India and other Asian countries.

A recent report published by Media Entertainment Consulting Network revealed that the markets in India and in many other countries in Asia show great potential for introducing online poker.  In fact, another newly published report by 2UP stated that the Asian market has shown great promise due to the increased number of Asian players who are interested in playing real-money internet poker.

According to Media Entertainment Consulting Network, India’s present potential market for online poker is around $50 million.  That said, currently gambling is illegal in India and no statements have been released by the country in regard to the legalization of online poker.