Blackjack For Beginners

Inexperienced blackjack players can now walk up the table game and play blackjack. There are simple rules that newcomers must remember. But here's the thing, blackjack rules may vary from different casinos from one area to the other, but the basic principles of the game are always the same.

Typically the blackjack table can seat a maximum of 7 players. The dealer will be located on the first seat; and on the dealer's left is the '1st Base'. On the dealer's right is the'3rd Base'. Before each player is the betting square. The chip tray is on the right located before the dealer, while on the left of the dealer is the shoe or deck, and beside the deck is the sign 'minimum bet'.

The minimum bet sign will determine how much or how expensive that table is. If the player is a beginner and he wants to put his losses on minimum, he may want to start on the table with low bets first.

Going back to the table, situated on the right side of the dealer is the slot for money drop. A money slot is a place where players drop the cash and the chips this will help the casino prevent leakage.

The discard tray is placed next to the money slot. The game will begin by the shuffling of the cards by the dealer. After shuffling the cards the player, with the use of the marked card, will cut the deck of cards. The last routine is called the 'burns' of the cards. The dealer will flip off the cards to make sure it is random.

The first step the blackjack player must do is to bet their chips or cash by putting it inside the betting box. The choice of playing the game is with the player. If the player doesn't feel like playing anymore, he can always vacate his seat. Players can of course always come back to the table anytime they wish.

After all the bets are placed properly, the dealer can now give 2 cards to each player starting from the dealer's left side. In some casinos the dealt cards are given face down while in others some may deal the cards facing upward. One rule to remember - DO NOT TOUCH THE CARDS, or else that will be cheating. Lastly, the dealer will deal himself, one card is facing up and the other is facing down.

The values of the cards are as follows: card 10, Jack, Queen and King are valued 10 points; Ace card is 1 or 11 points while the rest of the cards are worth according to their face rate.

Beginners playing inside a busy and noisy casino must learn hand signals. Doing hand signals makes a blackjack player play like a pro.