New Dawn for i-Gaming in Europe

Report shows that gaming revenues in domestically regulated online markets are climbing sharply.

51.3% of online gaming revenues were from domestically regulated markets in 2011, Global Betting and Gaming Consultants reports.

The Interactive Gambling Report predicts that this figure will rise to 60.1% in 2012, the first time that revenues from domestically regulated markets will constitute the clear majority of European i-gaming revenues. However, GBGC predicts that only 39.8% of European online casino revenues will come from domestic licenses in 2012, due to restricted access to internet casino games.

A flurry of online regulation is expected in 2012. Denmark has begun issuing licenses, Spain is due to launch new licenses, Greece plans a 30% gross profits tax on its domestic i-gaming licenses and certain German states also have licensing plans.

GBGC director, Lorien Pilling, says 2012 is a defining year for European i-gaming in Europe. Although domestic licenses result in higher taxes and costs for operators and smaller customer payouts, they also smooth the advertising and payments process. However, governments must find a way to prevent non-licensed operators from attracting players.