Blackjack vs Poker. Why I prefer the game of 21.

Below the thinnest cap of veneer that coats the insides of our souls, we all have to uncover our free spirit, our instinct, our desires. And after a sentence carrying such meaning, one wonders as to why I would use it concerning the triviality of the games of cards. Well simply because in all matters of life, from the minute to the monumental, we can dig the truth and the power of the liberation it delivers.

Hopefully after my bulls**t intro, all of you blackjack fans have stayed with me (smiling, laughing, &/or judging..) along with all poker players (curious I hope?) that secretly want to migrate over our side of the 21-Jack-force while most poker die-hard's will have strayed away. Good riddance! I am here to show why I chose blackjack. I chose life.

I will start by admitting the flaws. Blackjack can be frankly less of a social activity than the poker night. Yet it is only culturally, and it could change; I have experienced myself as a child the blackjack night (not kidding here!) within the confines of my family and our father teaching us about the nobility of black-jack. After having finished writing this I can say that it actually the only flaw I see and it is the one taht causes everyone to look at me funny if I would suggest a blackjack night. But I will concede as well that the game requires one more element that poker can live without which is the amount of card decks and the shoe that collects them only to spray them around the players.

Now to the positive: the game itself offers more to a brain than the superficial excitement of the poker bluff and confrontations. Here around the dealer are multiple levels of plays. Player against player, player against dealer, and player against dealer against player. And multiply these factors by the number of players around the BJ (never liked that acronym but some find it funny) table... Apart from that superposition of interests around the cards, I can also speak of the nobility itself that I mentioned earlier. This nobility can be found through the simple fact that unlike poker, that can be the very embodiment of the western-cowboy type of attitude, blackjack (and by extension 007...) is an expression of taste and savoir-vivre. You will rarely raise your voice. You won't have to look at other people or their behavior, this is not really part of the game. The game is about the cards and the incalculable possibilities and the feel they provide when you guess it right. No need for statistics here; only Dustin Hoffman can do that. But you can trust, you can guess you have some control... Poker is too formatted and ironically not cold-blooded enough unlike what you can see of some unmovable champions. Most of the ones I know are nervous people both outside and at the table. But more than anything, I chose blackjack because I like it and not the money, not the cheap adrenaline or the sunglasses, or multi screen games for online poker players.. This is not noble. "T'is a business!" as would say someone I fail at the moment to remember the name of. © 2012 _ Vernon