Blackjack Tips

Unlike the majority of card games, the advantage of playing blackjack is that you only have one person to beat; the dealer. This means that, no matter how many other players are on the table, nobody else can interfere with the stakes. Such an advantage calls for a strategy different from other card games.

The basic blackjack strategy does not take into account card counting or indeed anything that happens before the deal of the cards. The basic strategy is devised to aid players like you who only know what cards they have and one of the cards the dealer has at a particular point. The strategy has been created with data from extensive computer simulations, 10's of thousands of blackjack hands simulated from all possible angles and the result is an advisory guide as what moves generally favour you as a player. Once you are comfortable with the basic rules of blackjack, pay attention to this helpful table below which can advise you towards being a winner with Littlewoods blackjack.

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