What is a typical blackjack player?

This note is for all 21 lovers out there! Who are you? What makes you so special? Same as the game of poker which is also a skills card game, blackjack distinguishes itself by a double confrontation between the player and the bank/croupier on the one hand, and between him and the opposing players on the other hand. Maybe it is not such a coincidence that players of blackjack are also usually grand amateurs of poker and vice versa. The online gambling versions of blackjack attract essentially the same typical players as the real tables do. The main difference is that it is more accessible to any socio-economical categories of individuals wanting to try out there luck on an online casino.

A blackjack online’ typical player is therefore a mind at work. He studies the market, finds a casino suited for his desires. Makes sure he tests the software and pay out ratios. Reads reviews if he can, about the best tables or the latest new live blackjack table opened… But mainly, a typical online blackjack player wants to hit or stand!

Are you a blackjack typical player ?

Do you always notice the 21st floor of a building? Is Rain Man your favorite movie? Are you familiar with the phrase: “winner! Winner! Chicken diner!”? Ok. Then you might just be a regular blackjack player or a wannabe at least. This actually one game that offers like poke an entertaining and profitable hobby… That is why it became so popular in the growing online casino industry. Such as roulette, and the triple 777 image of a slot machine sroll, blackjack is a good marketing face for selling the dream of quick cash. Even if the real winners in a casino are usually the employees and owners… True fact… But the typical blackjack players do not even enter these contradictions. Their passion is the game of 21. Let’s be at the end position on the table tonight. Or in the middle for once. Will I split the eights? What is the bank holding? Damn he’s got a king dude!... Ok… Hit me!

Are you that player ?...

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