The Average Blackjack Player

Blackjack-playing conditions that favor an expert card counter (which is becoming rare!) does not inevitably mean the finest playing circumstances for an average "scheme" player. One single strategy might work for every player. Why? I will try to explain.

First, let us look at blackjack's average player, that knows almost the entire basic playing scheme. The last thing we'll look at is the mathematically-correct style to play every hand dealt to the player (this ought to be learned before the player plays blackjack, because it will trim the casino's advantage against the player). Notice the word "trim", which means to eliminate the casino edge against the player.

The truth is that even though the basic playing scheme is a must-learn (the first step for everybody that wants to be a skilled player), the casino will still have a little edge against the player. Meaning, the basic scheme-player has 0.5% to lose with every wager he makes at a blackjack table.

The concern is that, because all basic scheme players confront this negative prospect, the more money the player will win in his gaming, the more money he must be able to bear to lose.

Choose a jam-packed blackjack table instead of an empty blackjack table; if the player plays at a table with 6 to 7 players he'll be dealt less hands per hour and this will reduce his exposure to the house advantage.

Not like the average strategy player, a card-counter confronts less of a negative outlook; card counters have reversed the tables on the house and have an affirmative outlook. This is the reason why card counters would like to play alone, or with only a few players if possible; they can have a good number of hands that they deal per hour. This is why nearly all blackjack tables and machines no longer use the single-deck game anymore

Continuous Shuffling Machines (CSM) are the newest angle that the casinos have brought to their tables. This CSM is an automatic shuffler with different characteristics. Every round the dealer will put the cards in the CSM, which discourages the card-counting strategy completely. With the use of CSM the game is also quicker; so, I advice the average blackjack player to stay away from blackjack tables with CSM.

Speed is good if you are in a race, but it is never to the player's advantage at a blackjack table. If you are an average player and you are playing fast on a blackjack table, the speed will kill your bankroll! Play it slow at a blackjack table - may as well make the game last a little longer - it's easier to think if the game is not moving too rapidly. The casino gets no advantage out of you thinking - their advantage is in you losing.