Winamax hits the Million!

A great performance that should, indeed be saluted: Winamax announced that it surpassed the one million registered players on its site. And, according to the operator, currently has no less than 330.000 "real money" players in its database. A performance that can be attributed to several factors. One of them, and certainly not the least of them, is that the company is a 100% frenchly owned –noticeable fact in this business- and is owned by shareholders that are far from being strangers. Starting with Patrick Bruel, Vikash Dhorasoo, and Marc Simoncini, whose name will not tell you anything if not mentioning that he also runs another popular dating online website: Meetic.

Winamax is a real business that employs 70 employees. Its success is a direct product of the fact that it was one of the first operators being rewarding a license in June of last year. The advertising frenzy that ensued allowed Winamax to get a fast growing brand name and credit with great award winning TV spots. Following the momentum it enjoys, the announcement was made this week en both on the internet, television and radio.

Based in Paris, Winamax is an exclusively French & Poker operator, unlike others that have migrated to online horse and sports betting and even went international. “Our strategy paid off”, has declared Canel Frichet, CEO of Winamax. The success resides also in their overall attractiveness with retooled software and renewed bonus offer systems. Security and the fight against addiction are also part of Winamax communication plan, even if it is still up to the player himself to self regulate his online gaming activities. © 2011 _ Lucie