Blackjack's 10 Myths

Like any other games in a casino, blackjack and is among those with many common myths that can make a player lose. Novice players tend to fall for these myths and in the long run regret the fact that they did. Blackjack myths are costly, so be aware and be sure to avoid them as much as possible.

1. Blackjack card counting is the sure way of earning profit. The answer is partially yes, but some blackjack players get the time frame all wrong. You cannot see playing blackjack from something but a long period of spending hours playing and taking thousands of hands. But losses do come in a short period of time and it can last a long time as well.

2. Blackjack card counting is a prognostic theory. The first and the second blackjack myth are related with each other. Most people believe that card counting is a prognostic theory, but actually it is not. Blackjack card counting is just a mere probability theory and it can't certainly tell you what cards are coming next. The only thing you can get from card counting is making the odds in your favor over a period of time.

3. The goal of blackjack is to get as close to a total of 21 as possible. This is definitely not the objective of the game. Your main goal is to beat the dealer's hand. The most frequent strategy is to stand; it depends on your hand and the dealer's up card. Most of the players lose a hand since they hit their hands, according to primary strategy players statistically must stand and this myth number 3 stays as one of the most common myths of blackjack.

4. Bad players can affect a good play. No one can affect your game play nor can anyone affect your winning or losing. At some point bad players have an impact on novice players and do effect the outcome of their game play, but it has been evidenced that the converse is true.

5. Players should take insurance. Taking insurance is a bad bet for blackjack players; it is like giving away 13% of the profit with every blackjack draw. When you are a professional blackjack player playing and you know all the odds, that is the only time that you should consider taking insurance.

6. The dealer is hot. In simple words, you are winning if the cards are in your favor. But it's not when you are losing. Dealers simply follow casino rules on blackjack and they don't have a choice on what to do, but you have. This myth is a sign of frustration, or simply a characteristic of a blackjack player who trusts in the belief of "lady luck".

7. Players getting into the table in the middle of the game can make you lose. If the other player is getting into the game or leaving the game it doesn't matter and neither can make you lose the game.

8. You are entitled to win soon. If you thought that if the dealer has won eight consecutive times then you are entitles to win the next round; that is untrue. It is a kind of prognostic theory again with no basis or data. It is only a myth.

9. The most favorable card for a dealer is the deuce. Deuce is the only card that can "bust" the hand that is 10, if the total is 12. This is another myth and you should not believe in it either. If you got 9, don't split it up, your 9 against the dealer's 9 are two bad hands.

10. Blackjack's huge profit over a long period of time can be yours. Almost every myth mentioned above is related to players who want to win quick in the game of blackjack. Be patient and do not believe in the myths above. You can become a winner for a long time but don't make abrupt decision on your play.