Blackjack Tournament

The structure of the tournament at Foxwoods, located in Connecticut, is straight-forward. Every round the player begins with about 5,000 tournament chips. At the beginning, a prelude game is played. After the 25th round the player with the most number of chips at their table will be included in the semifinals. The same procedure takes place in the semifinal round; the player with the most chips will advance themselves the final and last table. The same rule applies at the final table. The player holding the most chips after the 25th hand will definitely go home with the cash prize.

Tournament strategists have recommended that players should start the game in a conservative way.

One player started the bet with 700-900, and got a blackjack dealt to him. His opponents were forced to play catch-up, while he begins to play low at this time. He bet small - he only bet 100 - but the others keep on betting 1000 to 1500 to catch up with the one leading; this player then took the dealers "bust card" in a hit, in one game. The dealer drew to 20; this made everyone lose the game. This lucky guy had made 9,000 chips, far outnumbering the other players; the other players were furious. Someone said to this guy, "I've never seen anyone play the way you did." It worked. He won!

This tournament was giving away $5,000 to the winner, and this guy had created a chance to win. He stated, "Look, this is a tournament, a tournament that's paying five grand in cash money to the winner! So, I did what I had to do to win, and now I'm off to the finals. Trust me, it was nothing personal."

Anger and frustration can affect the game play of every player. A disciplined player will not be overcome with anger. Strategy is an essential part of winning. Be more conservative at the beginning. Observe your opponents and see what they've got. More aggressive players are most likely to loose, probably because they are not thinking straight with the game. Carefully watch the cards and the strategy of your opponents.

In conclusion, the lucky guy in this article finished in the 5th position. He may have been lucky at first, but not lucky enough to win the jackpot.