Why Play Online Blackjack?

Here is a small anecdote to start with: In 1978, the first Atlantic City casino was opened. In the first week of operation the casino grossed earnings of close to $500,000 per day.The first week operation report summarized that the average table player lost around $18 for every hour of play. When it came to the Blackjack table, the earnings report showed that for every $1.00 wagered, the casino returned an average of 70 cents.

The irony of that figure is quite obvious - of all the various casino games, Blackjack (and its online variation) is the only game in which a player can constantly win money by using his own skill. The strategies for winning at either land based or online blackjack games are varied and diverse; most are based upon computer studies that were conducted in recent years. All the other casino games such as Craps, Slots, Keno, Roulette are usually rigged to give the house an advantage, regardless of your own skills.

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Winning at Blackjack

We here at Blackjackdeal.com are dedicated to help you try and beat the casinos (whether land based or online) at the game of Blackjack. As we stated, Blackjack, au contraire to the other casino games is a card game which can be won by sheer skill. The great thing about skills (unlike luck) is that it can be developed. We are here to teach you everything there is to know about Blackjack - from the basic play and rules of the game to the most advanced blackjack online systems.

We'll do our best to teach:

  • Basic and advanced betting techniques
  • Playing online blackjack strategies
  • Simple and advanced card counting techniques
  • The best way to deal with single or multiple decks

In poker you have much more than that available to you. That's because no two poker players play a given hand quite the same way. You'd need to recognize this fact, and pay attention to how each individual tends to play a particular type of hand. If you don't, you'll fall behind the game because everybody's trying to recognize how you play. The player who recognizes the most about his opponents' tendencies is the guy who usually gets the money.

The way you beat blackjack online or not, is by having knowledge of the remaining cards and playing all the odds out to the "tenth" degree. When you play blackjack, the dealer doesn't know what card she has in the hole. So you play your hand assuming that every other unknown card has an equal chance to be there. Combine that with larger bets when lots of high cards are left and you have the upper hand in the overall game. That's playing it by the odds.

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